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2022Implementing BAPA+40 through Triangular Co-operation - Case story: ChileEnglishFactsheetGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2022Triangular Co-operation Contributing to the Implementation of BAPA+40 Outcome DocumentEnglishFactsheetGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2022Ex-post Evaluations of Triangular Cooperation: Findings and Lessons Learned for the FutureSpanish, with key messages in English and GermanEvaluation ReportGIZ - Germany
2022Good Practices in South-South & Triangular Cooperation in Least Developed Countries: From the Istanbul Programme of Action to Achieving Sustainable and Resilient DevelopmentEnglish and FrenchReportUNOSSC; UNCDF; UN-OHRLLS; Qatar Fund for Development
2022Triangular Cooperation in the German development cooperationEnglish, GermanPolicy/StrategyBMZ - Germany
2022La Cooperación Chilena 2021SpanishReportAGCID - Chile
2021Lecciones de la Cooperación Triangular en Iberoamérica: Sistematización de diez casosEnglish, Portuguese, SpanishReportPIFCSS
2021South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation to Strengthen Multilateralism - in Vol.4 No. 2EnglishPaperJorge Chediek, Development Cooperation Review - RIS India
2021Evaluation of the WFP South-South and Triangular Cooperation PolicyEnglishEvaluation ReportWFP
2021South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Financing Decent Work: A Peer-Learning GuideEnglish, French and SpanishGuide/ToolkitILO
2021ILO South-South and Triangular Cooperation 2020-2021EnglishReportILO
2021 La Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular y su alineación a los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS): una metodologíaSpanish; PortugueseGuide/ToolkitPIFCSS; SEGIB
2021Momento ADELANTE #1 - Challenges, role and potential of Triangular Cooperation in the fight against the effects of COVID-19English, Spanish and PortugueseEvent summaryADELANTE 2 - European Union; GIZ - Germany
2021GPI 2021 Meeting - Launch of the Brief: Leveraging triangular partnerships to respond to COVID-19 and build back better from the pandemic EnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2021Leveraging triangular partnerships to respond to COVID-19 and build back better from the pandemicEnglish; SpanishPaperGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2021GIZ Fund for Triangular Cooperation with AsiaEnglishFactsheetGIZ - Germany
2021Shaping the future together – strategic cooperation with global partnersEnglish; GermanPolicy/StrategyBMZ - Germany
2021South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the face of COVID-19: A quest for resilience in AfricaEnglishPaperSara Hamouda, IGD
2021South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Lessons from partnership between Argentina and MozambiqueEnglishPaperFederico Villegas, South Centre
2021Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Development in SIDS: Advancing SAMOA Pathway and Achieving Sustainable RecoveryEnglishReportUNOSSC; UN-OHRLLS
2021COVID-19 Response and Recovery: Public Policy Leadership and Institutional Arrangements - 2021 Inter-regional Dialogue and Stocktaking for Advancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Arab States, Europe and the CISEnglishEvent summaryUNOSSC
2021Policy Paper on National Strategies for South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishPaperIsDB; South Centre
2021United Nations system-wide strategy on South-South and triangular cooperation for sustainable development, 2020-2024EnglishPolicy/StrategyUNOSSC
2021Chile y la Cooperación Triangular 2021SpanishReportAGCID - Chile
2021Mainstreaming South-South and triangular cooperation: work in progress at the United NationsEnglishPaperSebastian Haug, DIE
2021Alianzas multiactor en la Cooperación Sur-Sur y la Cooperación Triangular: sistematización de marcos normativos y experiencias en IberoaméricaSpanish; PortugueseReportPIFCSS
2021Triangular Cooperation: Change or Continuity?EnglishPaperJosé Antonio Alonso; Guillermo Santander
2021South-South and Triangular Industrial CooperationEnglishReportUNIDO
2021Triangular co-operation with India: Working with civil society organisationsEnglishPaperSachin Chaturvedi; Nadine Piefer-Söyler
2020Triangular Cooperation Afghanistan-Indonesia-Germany for the Economic Empowerment of WomenEnglishVideoGIZ - Germany
2020Skills Anticipation and Mismatch: South-South and Triangular Cooperation Good PracticesEnglishReportILO
2020Buenas Prácticas en la Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular: Formación Profesional InclusivaSpanishReportILO
2020Tecnologías Disruptivas en la Formación Profesional para la Inclusión de Grupos Vulnerables: Buenas Prácticas en la Cooperación Sur-Sur y TriangularSpanishReportILO
2020Turismo Sostenible y Desarrollo Local en Áreas Rurales: Buenas Prácticas en la Cooperación Sur-Sur y TriangularSpanishReportILO
2020Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres y Desarrollo Local: Buenas Prácticas de Cooperación Sur-Sur y TriangularSpanishReportILO
2020South-South and Triangular Cooperation Report for the Biennium 2018-19EnglishGuide/ToolkitILO
2020Rural Development and Decent Work: Good Practices in South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishReportILO
2020PIFCSS 10 YearsEnglish; Spanish; PortugueseOtherPIFCSS
2020Triangular Co-operation: Enabling Policy Spaces (Chapter)EnglishOtherGeovana Zoccal, Springer International Publishing
2020India as a Partner in Triangular Development Cooperation (Chapter)EnglishOtherSebastian Paulo, Springer International Publishing
2020Good Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Context of Food SecurityEnglishReportUNOSSC; IBRAF
2020UN-EU-AU Cooperation in Peace and Security: The Need for More Coherence and CoordinationEnglishPaperFaith Mabera, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
2020Lessons learned from Triangular Cooperation between the European Union and Latin America and the CaribbeanEnglish; SpanishReportADELANTE, European Union
2020Lecciones aprendidas de proyectos de cooperación triangular México y Alemania en beneficio de América Latina y el Caribe entre 2011 y 2018SpanishEvaluation ReportAMEXCID - Mexico; GIZ - Germany
2020Beneficiary country ownership and the politics of partnership in trilateral development co-operation: a case study of Zambia (PhD Thesis)EnglishOtherCynthia Kamwengo, Durham University
2020Sharing responsibility: Jeopardised multilateralism and the growing centrality of Triangular CooperationEnglishPaperGeovana Zoccal, RBPI
2020Triangular Co-operation: Broader, more Dynamic and FlexibleEnglish; GermanPaperGeovana Zoccal, DIE
2020Trilateral development co-operation: the cases of China and BrazilEnglishBlog PostDenghua Zhang; Laura Waisbich, DevPolicy Blog
2020Trilateral co-operation in German development co-operationEnglish; German; SpanishEvaluation ReportDEval
2020The role of South-South and triangular co-operation in contexts beyond ODA (Chapter)EnglishOtherOrria Goni; Nadine Piefer-Söyler; Martín Rivero; Rita Walraf, Nomos
2020The coming of age of triangular co-operationEnglishBlog PostJorge Moreira; Jorge Chediek, OECD Development Matters Blog
2020Equitable Partnerships through Triangular Co-operationEnglish; FrenchReportCooperation Canada (former CCIC)
2020The Value Added of Triangular Co-operation: Lessons learned from the EU-LAC Programme for Triangular Co-operation (ADELANTE)English; SpanishEvaluation ReportOECD
2020Desafíos de la cooperación triangular en Iberoamérica: Identificando buenas prácticas para fortalecer su gestiónSpanish; PortuguesePaperPIFCSS
2020India’s triangular cooperation with the US, UK and Japan in Africa: A comparative analysisEnglishPaperPrachi Mittal, ORF
2020Evaluation of the Brazil-UNICEF Trilateral South-South Cooperation Programme (2013-2018)English; PortugueseEvaluation ReportABC - Brazil; Articulação Sul; UNICEF
2020Estrategia de Mediano Plazo 2020-2023Portuguese; SpanishPolicy/StrategyPIFCSS
2020Memoria 2018-2019SpanishReportPIFCSS
2020Identifying challenges and opportunities for South-South Cooperation and Triangular Cooperation between regionsEnglish; Portuguese; SpanishReportPIFCSS
2020[Webinar] Strengthening Partnership And International Solidarity Through Triangular CooperationEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2020[GPI Session] V Regional Conference: Perspectives On TrC In Latin America And The CaribbeanEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2020Formative evaluation of UNFPA approach to South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglish (brief also in French and Spanish)Evaluation ReportUNFPA
2019How-to-Guide on South-South and Triangular Cooperation design for Decent Work (2nd edition)English, French, Spanish and PortugueseGuide/ToolkitILO
2019Compilación de Buenas Practicas de Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular en Turismo Sostenible y Desarrollo Local en Áreas RuralesSpanishReportILO
2019Future of Work: Good Practices of South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) in Social and Solidarity EconomyEnglishReportILO
2019Buenas Prácticas en la Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular para la reducción del riesgo de desastres y el desarrollo localSpanishReportILO
2019South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Decent Work Good Practices on the Road to BAPA +40 and beyondEnglishReportILO
2019Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-AmericaEnglish; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2019Enabling effective triangular co-operationEnglishPaperOECD
2019Green triangular co-operation: An accelerator to sustainable developmentEnglishPaperOECD
2019Developing National Ecosystems for South-South and Triangular Cooperation to Achieve Agenda 2030 for Sustainable DevelopmentEnglishGuide/ToolkitIsDB; South Centre
2019German Regional Fund For Triangular Co-operation in Latin America and the CaribbeanEnglishFactsheet/InfographicBRICS Policy Center
2019Comparative Study of 16 International Development Cooperation Agencies: Inputs for Analysis and ReflectionsSpanishReportAMEXCID - Mexico; GIZ - Germany
2019South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Action: Pacific Islands Development ForumEnglishReportUNOSSC; Pacific Islands Development Forum
2019Triangular Co-operation in the Era of the 2030 Agenda - Sharing Evidence and Stories from the FieldEnglishReportGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2019Brazil – Germany Trilateral Cooperation Program: Operational Handbook (2nd Edition)English, Spanish and PortugueseGuide/ToolkitABC - Brazil, GIZ - Germany
2019South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Action: NOREC – Norwegian Agency for Exchange CooperationEnglishReportUNOSSC; Norec - Norway
2019Fondo Mixto de Cooperación Triangular Chile-España - 10 añosSpanishReportAECID - Spain, AGCID - Chile
2019Uruguay’s capacities for South-South and triangular cooperationEnglish and SpanishReportAUCI - Uruguay
2019TCDC to Triangular Development Cooperation: Reconfiguring
Partnerships for Efficacy and Localisation
EnglishPaperSachin Chaturvedi, Development Cooperation Review - RIS India
2019Design, Coordination and Management of Trilateral Technical Cooperation InitiativesEnglish; SpanishGuide/ToolkitABC - Brazil
2019Revista de 10 anos da Cooperação Trilateral Brasil-AlemanhaPortugueseOtherABC - Brazil; GIZ - Germany
2019Ejes centrales para una estrategia de fortalecimiento de la Cooperación Descentralizada Sur-SurPortuguese; SpanishReportPIFCSS
2019Base de dados do Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidade (INABIO) do EquadorSpanishVideoGIZ - Germany
2019Coleções Científicas do Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidade (INABIO) do EquadorSpanishVideoGIZ - Germany
2019Projeto Gestão do conhecimento em Biodiversidade no Equador da Cooperação Trilateral Brasil-AlemanhaSpanishVideoGIZ - Germany
2019BAPA+40 Outcome DocumentEnglishPolicy/StrategyUNOSSC
2019Triangular, the shape of things to come?EnglishBlog PostM. Pezzini; A. Barcena; S. Manservisi, OECD Development Matters Blog
2019IsDB Reverse LinkageEnglishVideoIsDB
2019IsDB Reverse Linkage Saving Lives Djibouti MoroccoEnglish and FrenchVideoIsDB
2019IsDB RL Kyrgyzstan AI 4minEnglishVideoIsDB
2019Reverse Linkage PolicyEnglishPolicy/StrategyIsDB
2019Voluntary Guidelines for Effective Triangular Co-operationArabic, English, French and SpanishGuide/ToolkitGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2019[GPI Side Event] Triangular Co-operation in the Era of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable DevelopmentEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2019South-South and Triangular Cooperation in FAO: Strengthening Partnerships to Achieve the Sustainable Development GoalsEnglishReportFAO
2019First African South-South Cooperation ReportEnglish and FrenchReportUNDP; AUDA-Nepad
2019Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: paving the way to Leave No One BehindEnglishFactsheet/InfographicBRICS Policy Center
2018Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2018English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2018Marco Estratégico para la Cooperación Trilateral al Desarrollo Chile - Estados Unidos SpanishPolicy/StrategyAGCID - Chile
2018Triangular Co-operation: Why Does it Matter?EnglishGuide/ToolkitOECD
2018Toolkit for identifying, monitoring and evaluating the value added of triangular co-operationEnglish; SpanishGuide/ToolkitOECD
2018Nicaragua, Brasil y Suiza: Juntos por un Mundo SalubreSpanishFactsheet/InfographicSDC - Switzerland
2018La Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular en los escenarios globales y regionales 2012-2016SpanishReportPIFCSS
2018Breaking Down the Myths of Triangular Co-operation in Middle East and North AfricaEnglishPaperOECD
2018Development of Rural and
Disadvantaged Areas in Jordan
EnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2018India as a Partner in Triangular Development Cooperation: Prospects for the India-UK Partnership for Global DevelopmentEnglishPaperSebastian Paulo, ORF
2018JICA’s Support for South-South and Triangular Cooperation 2018EnglishFactsheet/InfographicJICA - Japan
2018Brazil-FAO Trilateral South-South Cooperation on Food Security and Nutritional - 10 yearsEnglishFactsheet/InfographicFAO; ABC - Brazil
2018Gender equality: innovations and potentials in Trilateral South-South Cooperation: South-South Cooperation between Brazil and MozambiqueEnglish and PortugueseOtherABC - Brazil; UNFPA; UN Women; UNDP
2018Human Capacity Development Program from the Trilateral Cooperation Brazil-Germany (2017)Portuguese (English subtitles)VideoGIZ - Germany
2018Human Capacity Development Program from the Trilateral Cooperation Brazil-Germany (2018)Portuguese (English subtitles)VideoGIZ - Germany
2018Projeto Trilateral FORTINNOQ em MoçambiquePortugueseVideoGIZ - Germany
2018Como iniciar um projeto de cooperação trilateral?PortugueseVideoGIZ - Germany
2018Project Document Template - Trilateral Technical Cooperation Project Brazil-GermanyEnglish, Spanish and PortugueseGuide/ToolkitABC - Brazil; GIZ - Germany
2018Brazilian-German Trilateral Cooperation FormEnglish, Spanish and PortugueseGuide/ToolkitABC - Brazil; GIZ - Germany
2018Summary of the GPI's Side Event, Global South-South Development ExpoEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2018[GPI Core Group Meeting] Fifth International Meeting On Triangular Co-OperationEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2017South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC): Highlights from IFAD’s PortfolioEnglish; Arabic; French; Portuguese; SpanishReportIFAD
2017IV Regional Conference - Prospects for Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean: The Role of Triangular Cooperation in the Implementation of the 2030 AgendaSpanishEvent summaryGIZ - Germany
2017Summary of the GPI's Side Event, Global South-South Development ExpoEnglishEvent summaryGPI on Effective Triangular Co-operation
2017Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2017English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2017Why cooperate with others? Demystifying China's trilateral aid cooperationEnglishPaperDenghua Zhang, The Pacific Review
2017Trilateral Cooperation with China: Sharing China’s Development Experience through Innovative PartnershipsEnglishPaperUNDP
2017The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #7EnglishOtherUNDP
2017Frequently Asked Questions: South-South CooperationEnglishFactsheet/InfographicUNDP
2017Diretrizes Gerais para a Concepção, Coordenação e Supervisão de Iniciativas de Cooperação Técnica TrilateralPortugueseGuide/ToolkitABC - Brazil
2017Relatório de Atividades 2017PortugueseReportABC - Brazil
2017ABC 30 anos: História e Desafios FuturosPortugueseBookCarlos Milani, ABC - Brazil
2017Mecanismo Estructurado para el Intercambio de Experiencias de Cooperación Sur-Sur (2015-2017)SpanishGuide/ToolkitPIFCSS
2017Memoria 2016SpanishReportPIFCSS
2017Cuadernos Técnicos de Trabajo sobre Cooperación Sur-Sur - Vol. 2SpanishBookPIFCSS
2017Lecciones aprendidas y retos para la articulación de actores y la gestión de la Cooperación Descentralizada Sur-SurSpanishReportPIFCSS
2017Promoting Sustainable Development through Triangular CooperationEnglishPaperECOSOC DCF
2017IDB BPI A Grain of Rice 4min MasterEnglishVideoIsDB
2016Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2016English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2016Scaling-up Triangular Cooperation for implementation of the SDGs - Side Event at the Second HLM of the GPEDCEnglishEvent summaryGPEDC
2016Cooperation with Arab Donors in Middle East
and North Africa (MENA)
English and ArabicFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2016Madrasati – Safe and Creative School SpacesEnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2016Development of Rural and Disadvantaged Areas in JordanEnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2016South-South and Triangular Cooperation for food security and nutrition: napshot of WFP practices in facilitating South-South and triangular cooperation to promote progress towards Zero Hunger (SDG 2)EnglishReportWFP
2016Dispelling the myths of triangular co-operation – Evidence from the 2015 OECD surveyEnglish; FrenchReportOECD
2016Triangular co-operation – Findings from a 2015 SurveyEnglish; FrenchFactsheet/InfographicOECD
2016Triangular co-operation and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) – Findings from a 2015 SurveyEnglishFactsheet/InfographicOECD
2016Triangular Co-operation: Promoting partnerships to implement the SDGs - International Meeting on TrC 2016EnglishEvent summaryOECD
2016Reverse Linkage - IDB Technical Cooperation ProgramEnglishVideoIsDB
2016Reverse Linkage Project between Kyrgyz Republic and IndonesiaEnglishVideoIsDB
2016Three is companyEnglishBlog PostAlexander Jones, FAO
2016Monitoring and Evaluation Mechanisms for South-South and Triangular Development Cooperation: Lessons from Brazil for the 2030 agendaEnglishPaperUNDP
2016Brazilian Triangular Cooperation in Social Protection: Contribution to the 2030 AgendaEnglishPaperUNDP
2016UN Reflection Series 2016: Development Cooperation, Policy Advice and Middle Income CountriesEnglishPaperUNSSC; Hertie School of Governance
2016The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #6EnglishOtherUNDP
2016Annual Report of Indonesia’s South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC)EnglishReportIndonesia - National Coordination
Team (NCT) of SSC
2016Framework of operational guidelines on United Nations
support to South-South and triangular cooperation
Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and SpanishPolicy/StrategyUN Secretary General
2016Trilateral South-South Cooperation: Lessons learned and recommendationsEnglishReportUNICEF
2016Iberoamérica frente al desafío de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible: una mirada desde la cooperación sur-surSpanishEvent summaryPIFCSS; ECLAC; AGCID- Chile
2016Memoria 2015SpanishReportPIFCSS
2016Cuadernos Técnicos de Trabajo sobre Cooperación Sur-Sur - Vol. 1SpanishBookPIFCSS
2016Valorización de la cooperación Sur-Sur: Estudios de Caso Brasil, Chile y MéxicoSpanishReportPIFCSS
2015Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2015English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2015Regional Youth Savings Initiative (RYSI)EnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2015Women’s Access to Microfinance and Support to Victims of Violence, YemenEnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2015Promoting Women’s Financial Inclusion, YemenEnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2015Triangular Cooperation and Decent Work Good Practices (2013–2015)EnglishBookILO
2015South-South And Triangular Cooperation And Decent Work: Focus On Triangular CooperationEnglishFactsheet/InfographicILO
2015Beyond the North-South Divide: Triangular Cooperation in the New Development CooperationEnglishPaperBRICS Policy Center
2015A study of Brazilian Trilateral Development Cooperation in Mozambique: The case of ProSAVANA and ProALIMENTOSEnglishPaperFuture Agricultures
2015Compilation of Case Studies on Management of South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishReportUNOSSC; JICA - Japan
2015Triangular Cooperation – The Big Bone of Enhanced Partnerships?EnglishBlog PostNadine Piefer-Söyler, Digital Development Debates
2015Rapport sur la Coopération au Développement 2013 - MadagascarFrenchReportUNDP
2015WFP's new Policy on South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishPolicy/StrategyWFP
2015Evaluando Proyectos de Cooperación Triangular SpanishEvaluation ReportAGCID - Chile
2015Cooperación Triangular de Chile: Marco Conceptual y ExperienciasSpanishPolicy/StrategyAGCID - Chile
2015The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #5EnglishOtherUNDP
2015The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #4EnglishOtherUNDP
2015Development Cooperation with Global Development Partners: Sharing responsibility – Shaping sustainable development English; GermanPolicy/StrategyBMZ - Germany
2015Scaling Up Knowledge Sharing for Development : A Working Paper for the G-20 Development Working Group, Pillar NineEnglishPaperTask Team on South-South Cooperation, UNDP, OECD, World Bank
2015Triangular cooperation and the global governance of development assistance: Canada and Brazil as “co-donors”EnglishPaperDeborah Farias, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal
2015Relatório de Atividades 2015 - 2016PortugueseReportABC - Brazil
2015Management Guidelines for implementing Triangular Cooperation in Ibero-AmericaEnglish; SpanishGuide/ToolkitPIFCSS
2014Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America2013-2014English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2014Cooperación Triangular Chile - AlemaniaSpanishFactsheet/InfographicAGCID - Chile; GIZ - Germany
2014Improving Women’s Access to Health and Legal ServicesEnglishFactsheet/InfographicGIZ - Germany
2014Mapping South-South Cooperation Mechanisms in the Arab StatesEnglish, French and ArabicReportIsDB; UNDP; UNOSSC
2014Evaluación final del proyecto triangular Chile-España-Paraguay: Fortalecimiento de la gestión y el desarrollo del sector público al servicio de la ciudadanía del Paraguay (2009-2013)SpanishEvaluation ReportAECID - Spain; AGCID - Chile
2014South Africa and Opportunities for Trilateral Development CooperationEnglishPaperInstitute for Global Dialogue
2014Chile's Role as a Triangular Partner for Development CooperationEnglish; SpanishPaperAGCID - Chile
2014Evaluation of Triangular CooperationEnglishEvaluation ReportMOFA - Japan
2014The OAS and South-South and Triangular Cooperation: “An Integral Part of our Daily Work”English; SpanishEvent summaryOAS
2014Global South-South Development Expo 2014: Scaling up South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable DevelopmentEnglishEvent summaryUNOSSC
2014How to guide on South-South and Triangular Cooperation and Decent WorkEnglishGuide/ToolkitILO, UNOSSC
2014Japan's Triangular Cooperation Mechanism: With a Focus on JICA's ActivitiesEnglishPaperJICA-RI - Japan
2014Possibility of China-Japan-South Korea Cooperation in Africa in the Context of South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishEvent summaryUN ESCAP; Shangai Institute for International Studies
2014Programa de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (PROCID) 2014-2018SpanishPolicy/StrategyAMEXCID - Mexico
2014Promoting better triangular co-operation: progress on actions agreed at the Policy Dialogue on Triangular Co-operationEnglishPolicy/StrategyOECD
2014Turkey as a Donor Country and Potential Partner in Triangular CooperationEnglishPaperJeannine Hausmann, DIE
2014The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #3EnglishOtherUNDP
2014The South-South Quarterly: UNDP Newsletter for South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development #2EnglishOtherUNDP
2014South-South and triangular cooperation: Changing lives through partnershipEnglishPaperIFAD
2014South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Emerging Opportunities for Think TanksEnglishPaperKarin Vazquez, UNDP
2014South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Who Gets What and How?EnglishEvent summaryUN ESCAP
2014Triangular Cooperation Mechanisms: A Comparative Study of Germany, Japan and the UKEnglishPaperJICA-RI - Japan
2014Triangular cooperation – Bridging South-South and North-South Cooperation?EnglishPaperNadine Piefer-Söyler, University of Darmstadt
2014South-South and Triangular Partnerships and the Post-2015 Agenda - High-level Forum of DGs for Development Cooperation 2013EnglishEvent summaryUNOSSC
2014Framework of operational guidelines on United Nations support to South-South and triangular cooperationArabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and SpanishPolicy/StrategyUN Secretary General
2014Diagnóstico de los marcos normativos e institutionalesSpanishReportPIFCSS
2014Chronology and History of South-South CooperationEnglish; SpanishReportPIFCSS
2013Evaluation of Triangular CooperationEnglishEvaluation ReportNomura Research Institute, MOFA - Japan
2013Boosting Vocational Training and Skills Development : A Case of Triangular Cooperation among Brazil, Germany, and PeruEnglish; SpanishPaperS. Carrillo and N. Dequech Neto, Revista Integración & Comercio, IDB-INTAL
2013A Cooperação Triangular e as Transformações da Cooperação Internacional para o DesenvolvimentoPortuguesePaperInstituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada (IPEA)
2013A Cooperação Técnica Triangular e o Papel do INMETROPortuguesePaperLeonardo Alves, Austral: Revista Brasileira de Estratégia e Relações Internacionais
2013Evaluation of UNDP Contribution to South-south and Triangular Cooperation (2008-2011)EnglishEvaluation ReportUNDP
2013Approach to South-South and Triangular Cooperation - OECD/DAC Peer Review Memorandum of Switzerland (section 5.2.5)EnglishEvaluation ReportOECD
2013Cooperacion Sur-Sur y Triangular en America Latina en el Marco de la Union EuropeaSpanishReportJ. Lorenzo and L. Gordon, IUDC-UCM
2013Cooperation for Health Development (CHD) in the AmericasEnglishPolicy/StrategyPAHO
2013La Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular: ¿Subversión o adaptación de la cooperación internacional?SpanishBookBruno Ayllón, IAEN
2013El intercambio de conocimiento para el desarrollo a través de la Cooperación Sur-Sur y TriangularSpanishPaperCEPEI
2013Enhancing Management Practices in South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Study on Country-led PracticesEnglishReportUNOSSC; JICA - Japan
2013Estado de situación de la cooperación internacional en Uruguay - Área ProductivaSpanishReportAUCI - Uruguay
2013Financing for Development
and the New South-South Cooperation Agenda:
Trends, Actors, and Policies, with a Focus on Myanmar
EnglishPaperAndrea Goldstein, European University Institute
2013JICA’s Support for South-South and Triangular Cooperation 2013EnglishFactsheet/InfographicJICA - Japan
2013Leveraging South-South cooperation and triangular cooperationEnglishEvent summaryUNDP; UNFPA; UNICEF; UNOPS; UN Women; WFP
2013Middle Income Countries' Development Cooperation Experience ExchangeEnglish and ChineseEvent summaryUNDP China
2013Peru Plan Anual de Cooperacion Internacional - Desarrollar la Cooperacion TriangularSpanishPolicy/StrategyAPCI - Peru
2013Programme and Budgets 2014-2015EnglishPolicy/StrategyUNIDO
2013Sector institutions in South-South and triangular cooperation - Lessons and prospects in ChileEnglishBlog PostNils-Sjard Schulz, Capacity4dev
2013Tackling Global Challenges through Triangular Cooperation: Achieving Sustainable Development and Eradicating Poverty Through the Green EconomyEnglishBookJICA-RI - Japan; UNEP; UNOSSC
2013Policy Dialogue on Triangular Co-operation, Lisbon 2013English; FrenchEvent summaryOECD
2013Triangular Co-operation: What can we learn from a survey
of actors involved?
2013Triangular Co-operation: What’s the literature telling us?EnglishReportOECD
2013Triangular Cooperation in Germany's Development CooperationEnglish; German; SpanishPolicy/StrategyBMZ - Germany
2013Triangular cooperation for government capacity development in South SudanEnglishPaperNorwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution
2013Analysis of the Outcome Generating Process of 5S-KAIZEN-TQM
Approach in Hospitals
EnglishEvaluation ReportJICA - Japan
2013La Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular en los escenarios globales y regionales (2008-2012)SpanishReportPIFCSS
2013Sistematizar la Cooperación Sur-Sur para Construir Conocimiento desde la PrácticaSpanishReportPIFCSS
2012Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2012English; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2012Buenas Practicas en Cooperación Sur-Sur y Triangular de Chile: Criterios y Metodologia de Seleccion de CasosEnglishGuide/ToolkitAGCID - Chile; UNDP
2012Buenas prácticas en Cooperación Sur-Sur triangular de Chile: Análisis de casosSpanishReportAGCID - Chile; UNDP
2012La cooperación triangular en América Latina y Chile 2006-2010SpanishPolicy/StrategyAGCID - Chile; UNDP
2012Characteristics and Potential of Triangular Development
Cooperation (TDC): Emerging Trends, Impact and Future Prospects
EnglishPaper Sachin Chaturvedi, RIS India; UNDESA
2012Follow-up Efforts on FY2012 (Chapter 3)EnglishEvaluation ReportMOFA - Japan
2012Framework of operational guidelines on United Nations support to South-South and triangular cooperationArabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and SpanishPolicy/StrategyUN Secretary General
2012JICA’s Mid-term Plan/Annual PlanEnglishPolicy/StrategyJICA - Japan
2012National Policy for Technical International CooperationEnglishPolicy/StrategyAPCI - Peru
2012State of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the Production, Use and Trade of Sustainable BiofuelsEnglishReportUNCTAD
2012Brainstorming Meeting on Triangular Co-operationEnglishEvent summaryOECD
2012Triangular Co-operation: Facts and Figures (Prepared for the 2012 DAC HLM)EnglishOtherOECD
2012Triangular co-operation: Emerging policy messages and
interim findings from analytical work (Prepared for the 2012 DAC HLM)
2012New Libya, New Neighbourhood: What Opportunities for Tunisia?EnglishPaperAfDB
2012Briefing note: What are South-South and Triangular Cooperation?EnglishBlog PostITUC
2012Triangular Development Cooperation for peacebuilding: Opportunities and challengesEnglishPaperNorwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution
2012Triangular Cooperation: A guideline for working in practiceEnglishBookJ. Langendorf, N. Piefer, M. Knodt, U. Müller, L. Lázaro (Ed.), Nomos
2012Flexible Cooperation for Indonesia’s Multi-dimensional Challenges for South-South Cooperation under a Shared Vision (Chapter)EnglishOtherYukimi Shimoda and Shigeki Nakazawa, JICA - Japan
2012Scaling Up South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishBookJICA-RI - Japan
2012Sistematizar para Aprender: Lecciones de nueve experiencias de Cooperación Sur-Sur y TriangularSpanishReportPIFCSS
2011Report on South-South Cooperation in Ibero-America 2011Englsih; Spanish; PortugueseReportSEGIB
2011Japan's Official Development Assistance White Paper 2011 - South-South and Triangular CooperationEnglishPolicy/StrategyMOFA - Japan
2011Unlocking the Potential f South-South Cooperation: Policy RecommendationsEnglishPolicy/StrategyTask Team on South-South Cooperation
2011South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Unlocking the Potential of Horizontal Partnerships for better Development OutcomesEnglishPolicy/StrategyTask Team on South-South Cooperation
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