the Power of Partnerships

A global network is shifting the structure of development co-operation

The GPI supports the effective implementation of Triangular Co-operation, promoting guidelines, tools and analysis. We regularly update this library with contributions from partners and welcome new additions.

The Voluntary Guidelines for Effective Triangular Co-operation represent a shared commitment to effectiveness.

Following BAPA +40, the GPI advanced in 2019 a set of Voluntary Guidelines grounded in evidence and consultation with numerous GPI members.

The GPI Spotlight series are short, and informative, publications. It is an evidence-based analytical exercise on triangular co-operation (including contribution to BAPA+40 implementation) to share knowledge and support partners in including TrC as a possible tool to deliver the 2030 Agenda.

The GPI members are equal, self-organised and define voluntarily their engagement.

In 2024, the GPI has 22 active members including countries, international organisations, and civil society organisations.

Multi-Colour Triangles arranged in an S

We bring development stakeholders together to promote triangular co-operation and ensure that initiatives are effective, country-led and involve inclusive partnerships for sustainable development.

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