Matchmaking for triangular co-operation projects and initiatives

The Global Partnership Initiative on Effective Triangular Co-operation (GPI) aims to bring together development stakeholders to promote and ensure that triangular co-operation projects and initiatives are effective, country-led and involve inclusive partnerships for sustainable development.

The outcome document of the Second High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation (BAPA+40) recognised triangular co-operation (TrC) as a modality that combines diverse resources and capacities, building trust among all partners. To promote partnerships and foster the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the GPI received a mandate to support implementing the BAPA+40 outcome document and established the Action Plan 2.030 encompassing various initiatives. Among them, the GPI Marketplace, to identify and facilitate TrC initiatives.

The genesis of the GPI Marketplace was during the fifth International Meeting on Triangular co-operation in October 2019 in Lisbon. Various partners presented their ideas to other participants during a face-to-face session, sharing successful practices and guidelines/tools for effective triangular co-operation. A successful outcome was the partnership between the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), the Chilean Agency for International Development Cooperation (AGCID) and the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) to develop PICA’s Institutional Capacities.

Several GPI members demonstrated interest in this initiative and discussed different ideas during Operational Workstream meetings. During the GPI Strategic Retreat in March 2021, the core group members agreed on strengthening the operational workstream, focusing on identifying GPI members’ challenges and needs, establishing triangular partnerships, and providing them with the tools and interaction space to overcome those challenges. The GPI marketplace initiative is led by the GPI Operational Workstream, with support from the GPI core group.

In that sense, the GPI Marketplace aims to create an opportunity for interaction and matchmaking among GPI members and partners to develop triangular co-operation projects and initiatives jointly. It fosters matchmaking, including the three roles (facilitator, pivotal and beneficiary) and identifying niche areas to promote triangular co-operation initiatives.

Expected outcome:

Expected outputs:

  • Potential for new partnerships and TrC initiatives identified;
  • Diversity of partners engaged in TrC increased;
  • Collaboration spaces in use by a large number of GPI members – GPI online community and WhatsApp group;
  • Improved capacity on identifying potential challenges, innovative solutions and possible TrC.


  • The GPI Marketplace is a series of matchmaking workshops for GPI members and their partners. It is a safe space for GPI members and their partners to share ideas, challenges and jointly identify opportunities to foster effective triangular co-operation projects.

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We bring development stakeholders together to ensure that triangular co-operation initiatives are effective, country-led and involve inclusive partnerships for sustainable development.


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